Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thursday, I think

I awoke in a daze, my feet pulsing with pins and needles I reached for my Fanta Lemon and swallowed the remains, only to discover the flegga I'd spat in there the night before. I could tell this is going to be a good day. After using the last of the toilet roll and not replacing it for my hormonal Thai housemate I got showered and put on the clothes from the night before. Today is pay day I'm not sure what I should spend my hard earned wages on, I know I should buy food to see me though the next week but I could just spend it on crack. If I get really hungry I can always go down the hospital, I have friends there and they always give me mint stuff like pudding and IV drips. Anyway I cant spend all day on here when I've got money in my pocket.

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